Why is a Technology

Needs Assessment Important?

Your business is growing and changing. Every day brings new challenges and new opportunities, and although growth is exciting, it comes with challenges. Technology is a vital tool to making sure that you are reaching, communicating with and serving your customer base. It is also a critical piece to ensuring everything runs smoothly internally. Having a plan of action as to how to manage and grow your technology is just as important as any other part of your business plan.

A Technology Needs Assessment is a systematic review of your company’s technology requirements, taking into account what is needed today, and the expected needs based on your plan of growth. Whether you are a large company or a small shop, the need is the same.

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  • Provides a snapshot of your current technology landscape

  • Highlights gaps in your current structure, including aging and inefficient  technology

  • Identifies areas where your technology is actually impeding productivity

  • Reveals inefficiencies and unnecessary duplication of hardware

  • Allows you to structure a coherent plan for the purchase of new equipment

  • Allows for technology budgets to be streamlined and accurate

  • Prepares you for the retirement and obsolescence of current technology

Full Needs Assessment

Process and Tools

Interviews & Surveys
Analyse current data, documentation, IT environment and legacy systems
Guided interviews and survey-based data collection including first-hand observations of IT strengths and weaknesses
Interactive, facilitated user group sessions to gather input on needs and future state development
Determine and categorize stakeholder and user group profiles
Define a set of User-based stories for focused development and testing
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