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McKinsey Study on COVID-19 Impacts and Recovery Strategies for Small Businesses

McKinsey reports that small businesses may struggle to recover without adapting new business models, technologies and investment

"The survival of US small businesses across the economy will require new business models and technology solutions that few have the resources to finance. The COVID-19 crisis has exposed financial frailties that have built over time, and the next normal could impose additional burdens. Adapting to such challenges will require that small businesses find new business and operating models and accelerate the adoption of new technologies. But those solutions will not be easy and will require an economy-wide effort to provide financing, restore demand, and improve small businesses’ capability and resilience."

McKinsey & Co. - July 2020

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Our Story

Since 1999, DataAdaptiX and their respective partners, have provided

IT Strategy Consulting  and Assessment Services for managing enterprise data, reporting, information sharing, business intelligence and analytics.

Our Vision

DataAdaptiX specializes in helping small businesses thrive in the new market economy. We believe in small business, where new ideas flourish -- providing guidance to small businesses where they often struggle to compete in their approach to the marketplace,  new business development, and the delivery of technology products
and services

Assessment & Investment

Independent technology assessment and evaluation services for private sector investors and technology start-ups and early-round emerging companies.

About DataAdaptiX

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Providing IT Strategy Solutions since 1999

IT Strategy Consulting Services

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At DataAdaptiX we are skilled technology strategists helping our clients with their most complex product, project and program challenges.  We plan and design solutions tailored to help them achieve automation, efficiency, ROI and improved data interoperability in pursuit of commercialization and investor funding as a key stage of a strategic Go-To-Market plan. 


Our internal IT consulting services include a high-level analysis and recommendations focused on:

Current State Analysis

  • IT Organization

  • IT Systems and Data

  • IT Infrastructure

  • IT Processes

Scalability Assessment

  • Product/Code Review

  • Performance, Scalability and Reliability Testing

Risk Assessment

  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

  • New Projects/Initiatives

  • Key Personnel

Financial Analysis

  • IT Spending and Staffing Benchmarks

  • Opportunities for Cost Savings

DataAdaptiX provides specialized Data Science

Consulting Services

IT Assessments

In the fast-paced technology market, investing in technology can be highly rewarding but often difficult to assess. The past 20 years has spawned a hotbed of innovation and technology opportunities. As a result, investors have a broad array of good investments to choose from. However, technology investment is not without its challenges – it always carries a certain element of risk for investors. The risk can be especially high when investing in innovative, and “disruptive” early-stage technologies.

Some of this risk can be avoided by conducting thorough, impartial, technology assessment and due diligence before investing. However, some investors lack the depth and scope of technical knowledge they need in order to exploit all the opportunities that come their way.

The DataAdaptiX team has a wealth of experience across a number of technology sectors.  We provide a range of technology assessment and due diligence services that can help reduce the uncertainty involved in technology investing and funding.


Furthermore, we can help to bring your investment/funding decisions to a conclusion more rapidly and with a greater degree of confidence.

Investor Due Diligence

DataAdaptiX offers a reliable and accurate technology due diligence service to organizations assessing financial opportunities and funding for high-tech projects and companies. 

A due diligence assessment of an organization’s IT function is often required by investors, as part of a merger or acquisition. Technical due diligence may also be required from time to time by the owners of a business, to ensure a better understanding of the opportunities, costs, and risks involved in the IT function. In either case, there are benefits to having a specialized and independent third party perform the technical assessment. Such due diligence assignments typically examine four key areas of the enterprise under examination:

  • Concept – How innovative and novel is the technology upon which the business is based? What unique Intellectual Property do they have?  Is it patented, or could it be?

  • Implementation – What is the roadmap for developing and or implementing your company’s products/technology/services? How straightforward will it be to further develop them?

  • Business Model – How does your business operate and what processes will be used to develop the product/technology and bring it to market?

  • People – Who are the key people and what are the depth their skills and experience? How will they contribute to the success of the company and its technology?

What We Do




We define the most effective lifecycle for your organization, identify roles and responsibilities, governance processes, essential investment documentation, perform value/risk assessment and define overall monitoring and management processes over technical IP assets.



Independent technology assessment and evaluation services for private sector investors and technology start-ups seeking investment capital. We examine assets by a combination of Needs and Readiness Assessments, and provide technical due diligence of emerging technologies and Intellectual Property.


Strategy & Planning

 DataAdaptiX offers a wide range of strategic early-stage technology commercialization services to support companies in bringing their technologies to market.

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Technology strategy, analysis, planning, marketing and business development services for small to medium enterprises seeking funding, grants and opportunity zone investments

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DataAdaptiX provides specialized Data Science

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